Our activities go beyond the production of high-quality handles and furnishing accessories. The services provided by our staff help customers meet all their need strategic and operational needs, which means you always have a qualified partner by your side.


The sales and technical department is at your disposal before and after the sale. We provide technical assistance in preparing projects that meet your aesthetic and functional needs, personally following the creation of the handle and accessory parts.


Do you have an idea for a handle and accessory? Our staff of skilled craftsmen and designers can transform your idea into a real finished product for you to hold in your hand. This means you can view the handle or accessory before starting production, fully aware of the characteristics of the product and avoiding any risk of functional or aesthetic defects.


Our production processes use innovative techniques and technologies along with the expertise of specialised operators. Among our many exclusive technologies, we are proud to mention Ghidini Coating Technology for the protection and colouring of handles and accessories in brass, aluminium and Zalor, as well as G-Plus PVD Technology for high-performance coatings.

Our company has also obtained UNI EN 1670 certification at the G.P.B Quality System, required at European level to guarantee corrosion resistance of products, and UNI 9001:2008 certification at TIC attesting to the quality of the company management system.

Varied finishes

We customise handles and accessories for doors and windows using the type of finish that best matches the frame and the environment. A wide range of potential solutions is available in terms of both colour and materials.

The matching range allows you to create a distinctive and customised accessory.

For the protection and colouring of all handles and accessories for doors and windows, we use proprietary Ghi.Co.Tec. technology for resin coating of brass, Zalor and aluminium products to provide long-lasting protection to the colour of the finish.


To complement the value of the handle and the customised accessory with bespoke packaging, we partner with designers and design engineers who can enhance each product by creating customised packaging.

Packaging customisation includes both manufacture of the package and the production of logos and images, making us a crucial partner in your marketing strategies. The customised packaging service is reserved for professionals and companies that require bulk production of handles and accessories and intend to offer a high-value product on the market…which starts with the packaging!

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