Company Profile

At GHIDINI we know that to remain a leader in a competitive sector like ours we must build and maintain a leading reputation for reliability. This is a reputation that we have cultivated with passion over the years, thanks also to the many customers who have chosen our products to meet their needs.

That is why we believe so strongly in the value of the team. And it is the reason we are pleased to renew our relationship of trust that for generations has bound us to our employees, customers and suppliers, who are happy to be part of our great entrepreneurial family.

Our mission

is to provide maximum benefit to customers and grow as an industry leader in a profitable and sustainable way, encouraging social responsibility and rewarding value.

An ambition that we have been pleased to renew year after year for almost a century, and that we achieve thanks to the collaboration of new and historic partners who attest to the trust in our brand.

Our vision

We believe that improving reputation on the Italian and international market is the fundamental objective for all companies seeking to grow and develop. For this reason we do not limit ourselves to continuously optimising our investments in Research & Development, nor to increasing the engineering and design know-how that has made our products famous. Within our organisation we constantly strive for:

  • The satisfaction of everyone we work with (customers, staff, suppliers);

  • maintaining the employment level;

  • careful control of the number of complaints received;

  • a high level of customer satisfaction;

  • compliance with implicit and explicit contractual commitments;

  • attentive communication with customers;

  • the best pre- and after-sales customer service.

Environmental responsibility

Not all our partners know that our family is widely known in the Val Trompia by the nickname Bosco. This, in fact, was the name given to our forefathers to distinguish members of our family from the other homonymous families in the area: Bosco indicated the location near the farmhouse of our property and, even today, provides us with a tangible connection to the territory and the environment where we were born and raised.

To this end, we recognise environmental responsibility as a fundamental part of corporate social responsibility and we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint by optimising our organisational and production processes and pursuing initiatives aimed at safeguarding the territory. We are also committed to selecting partners and suppliers that meet our standards by implementing the most efficient company policies.

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