Our company implements a certified management system for the design, production and sale of handles and accessories for doors and windows, as certified by the attainment of ISO 9001:2008.

ISO 9001:2008 is a worldwide standard in the certification of quality management systems for all organisations operating in every production sector and of every size.

The system regulates the governance of business activities through the conscious and correct planning of internal resources, pushing the company to strive for continuous improvement.

This has been our experience at GHIDINI. Obtaining this certification represents for us a strategic choice to rationalise our management processes: an essential part of our efficiency and credibility efforts, which we consider to be fundamental in such a competitive environment.

How we translate our commitments into ISO 9001:2008 certification

ISO 9001:2008 certification leads companies to implement a customer-oriented management system and its full satisfaction. Our company, in line with the provisions of current legislation, is organized as a set of integrated processes, conducted with the sole objective of providing our customers with products and services that fully and constantly respond to the established requirements, investing every resource to pursue the aim of continuous improvement of performance.

Investments in know-how and process monitoring, the ability to involve human resources and the constant commitment of the company’s top management are just some of the elements that have confirmed our company as a leader in its sector: an innovative and visionary presence that continues to confirm the competitiveness of its proposal in the international arena.

Customer satisfaction

One of the areas in which our company invests a significant part of its time and energy is related to customer satisfaction.

We monitor and measure this purpose through questionnaires, data on the quality of the delivered products, user opinions, retailer reports, partner comments: interventions that we organize and propose on a daily basis, aware that customer satisfaction cannot be limited to statistical analysis alone, but requires a broader and deeper view.

Among the levers of customer satisfaction that we like most to underline are the post-delivery activities, which include both actions to cover the guarantee or other contractual obligations, and other supplementary services that we are happy to offer to customers and partners.

Work environment

Among the additions of the ISO 9001:2008 standard on which we have placed great effort for some time there is the one defined with the term work environment, that mix of conditions in which work activities take place, and which include both physical and environmental factors, placing a decisive relationship between the work environment and compliance with product requirements.

Hence, in our company, the very concept of working conditions expands beyond the mere operational and safety context, encompassing every physical and climatic element that allows our products to obtain and maintain the requirements that characterize them and that have made them so famous and appreciated in the sector of handles and coordinated items.

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